July 11, 2018

Kate W., a Ho-Chunk woman, and now, a friend, visited with me over the berrying season last summer. She taught me how to play Kasu and we spent many hours together talking about our lives. She kindly sent along a game set for my own amusement as well as some baskets she no longer needed—but knew would bring me joy. These generous gifts are now displayed in my Cabinet, together with the letter that accompanied them.

January 20, 1898

Dear friend,

Received your kind and welcome letter. Thank you again for allowing my family and me to camp at your home during this past berry season. As a token of our appreciation I have included some of my older baskets as I have been given new ones. I hope that my egg basket and bread basket will be of use to you.

I also send a game set, Kasu, like the one we played during your last visit. This is the game we play with our women friends. I included a full set of 8 discs and some instructions. Along with the set I send this beautiful pouch made by an old friend. I have used it to hold game dice and carved animal pieces but please use it as you wish.

My husband and children will join me for the next berry picking and I look forward to staying with you again.

I send you well wishes and prosperity.

Kate W.

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