June 3, 2017

Mrs. M. ————  invites you to read her latest journal entry concerning the new vitrine in the center of her cabinet and the objects displayed within:

My investigations of the puzzle jug have been quite successful. There is nothing quite like unraveling the secrets an object holds — and this jug certainly had quite a few! The more I held this object at first, the more mysterious it became. The lack of a bottom was only the beginning of course. Once I discovered the shape of the double wall though with my new measuring tools, I was able to piece together a pathway from a spout and handle and I believe I’ve finally figured it out.

I am certain that my dear Mr. Bingham will be quite chagrined when I send him my schematic of its inner workings. I’ve included along with it simply the note: “Eureka, indeed!” and I look forward to his response.

For now my investigation may be put to rest, so I’ve moved the puzzle jug to a vitrine in the center of my cabinet. This much closer view along with a copy of my schematic will allow my visitors to truly appreciate the puzzling nature of this lovely nineteenth-century revival piece!

I’ve also done a bit of rearranging in my collection regarding Mr. Bingham’s Tyg. I thought it quite fitting to display the forgery that first began our friendship alongside the object of our latest correspondence.

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