September 15, 2017

Regarding the recent salons in her cabinet, Mrs. M. ————  is delighted to share with you her impressions and thoughts:

Amidst my object studies and travels I have made a great many friends and acquaintances just as charmed and inspired by collecting as myself. In my absence, I’ve been quite delighted by their willingness to host salons surrounding the wonderful materials I have gathered. 

Last December, my dear friend and colleague Dr. Sarah Beetham convened a gathering in my cabinet where much was discussed about the ability of objects to transcend time—a facet of collecting I enjoy greatly. The discovery of the history of an object in my collection only makes it all the more relevant and interesting when considered here in our present. It is only from interacting with these objects that we begin to understand their layered histories today and possible futures in my cabinet and beyond!

Just last April again, another quite esteemed and knowledgeable friend of mine, Dr. Laura Johnson spoke in my cabinet on the language of gems and jewels. Not unlike the language of flowers I’ve used to critique a vexingly patriotic vase in my office, hidden messages abound in these items and it is only through careful study of their so-called language that we can begin to unravel their implied meanings.

Quite different from the first two delightful salons, just a few weeks ago now, I hosted a wonderful group of young musicians in my cabinet. History and new technologies combined as we listened to the sounds of Roochie Toochie and the Ragtime Shepherd Kings. From such classic ballads and tunes I’ve loved since I was a girl and songs I’d never encountered, to their fascinating recording equipment, it was a night not soon to be forgotten. I’ll scarcely enter my cabinet again without hearing the echoes of their jaunty voices, violin, banjo, and even dare I say, pig!


These salons have brought new life to the objects I collect and serve so well to illuminate the stories the material world may tell us. I look forward to playing hostess to more of my brilliant friends and colleagues as time goes on and I do hope visitors are as delighted as I am by their great success.

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