December 10, 2016

Regarding a new acquisition to her collection currently awating more in depth study on her desk, Mrs. M. ————  invites you to read her journal entry on its strange arrival at her door:

I met my now dear friend, Edward Bingham years ago, after identifying an object he had forged! During a trip to Essex I made up my mind to pay a call to his studio to discuss my discovery. He expressed much surprise at my arrival and of course at my bold confrontation of his practice. After soundly berating him, he only smiled and good naturedly requested I keep it a secret just between us. Of course I was not sure I should encourage him, but after some discussion, we became fast friends and I could not imagine giving him up to any authority. In the years since we have kept up frequent correspondence and when his latest letter arrived it carried with it a package and a letter that said:

My Dear Mrs. M. ———— 

I've got a new puzzle for you! I look forward to hearing your judgment on my latest recreation. It started as a curiosity but has turned into quite a labor of love and I have rather enjoyed the mystery I have put into my interpretation. Tell me, my dear Mrs. M. ————  what you think of my latest project and hold nothing back. Of course, if you cannot figure it out, I am no more than a letter away!

I look forward to your undoubtedly witty response to my challenge,

Edward Bingham

This recreation of a sixteenth-century puzzle jug is certainly a strange object with liberal interpretation… I look forward to investigating it further as soon as my current project is finished—for I do not for one moment believe that he would have simply made such a thing only for the technical challenge…

What could you possibly mean by recreating this puzzling new object, Edward?

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