December 12, 2016

Regarding another fascinating object she has recently obtained, Mrs. M. ————  invites you to read an inquiry she sent out to one Mr. Frank Austin, a researcher from Dartmouth College. After reading about the story of young Eddie McCarthy, the first person in America to have a medical x-ray picture, done by Mr. Austin, Mrs. M. ————  knew that such technology would help her better uncover the mystery of her newly acquired "memory jug".

To Mr. Frank Austin,

I have read about your amazing discoveries using x-rays at Dartmouth College, and that poor Eddie McCarthy boy. Your work is truly fascinating and I am writing to inquire about a fascinating object that has recently come into my possession. It seems to be a vase, but it is covered in an assortment of varied and interesting objects. Unfortunately, the vase seems to be coated in some sort of paint, and it is proving quite difficult to make out most of the objects. Your pictures with these x-rays may help us see some of this object more clearly. Please respond if you are interested in examining the object, and I will have it sent to Dartmouth at your earliest convenience. It will be such a pleasure working with you and this exciting new technology.

With Gratitude,

Mrs. M. ———— 

Mrs. M. ————  invites you to study her newly acquired "memory jug" and accompanying x-ray pictures.

Mrs. M. ————  is particularly excited about being able to use this groundbreaking technology in order to study the jug more clearly.

The jug is probably from south eastern US African American communities, and reflects Mrs. M. ———— 's interest in showcasing ceramics that create a truer and more complete representation of American culture. For now, the jug is placed on the back wall of her office, along with the fascinating images. See if you can find some of the hidden mystical objects and symbolic patterns that are on the surface of the jug.

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